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Men of Metal
Eyewitness Accounts of Humanoid Robots
By Rowland Samuel

Paperback 145 pages
( 1 March 2004 )

Photos: 14
Illustrations: 1

*New information has recently come to light regarding the sightings in Oxford. Due to these developments, the publishing of Men of Metal has been delayed.

Author Info:

Rowland Samuel's first book is his documentation of his search for the answer to a series of bizarre occurrences in London involving automobiles and a supposed humanoid robot. A reporter by trade, Samuel's writing is insightful and full of heavy substantiation.


**** Not only a spooky story, it's also a great read – rare for this ilk. Samuel puts the pieces together in a tight story that stays with you long after you read it.

**** My mother had an experience with this and my whole family read this book. It leaves many unanswered questions but at least we know we aren't crazy. Please read this book. For us it is so frustrating more media has not been given this topic – what are they hiding???

To download an excerpt, click here.


Inside the Area.
A Closer Look
at Area 51

By William Saylor

Paperback 318 pages
( 5 September 2002 )

Photos: 20

Author Info:
William Saylor, the author of UFOs of India and The Secrets of Thai UFOs takes us on a close-as-you-can-get account of Area 51 and its surrounding inhabitants.

** Not nearly as interesting as his book on Thai UFOs. He seems to have slacked-off a bit. The closest he approaches to a searching question is: "Are you sure that you actually went to the Moon?" Please.

**** I disagree with the above, his record is quite deep. That person he was interviewing mentioned above wasn't credible, but Saylor even mentions this before he begins the interview, “Not everyone I met was so convincing…” Get your facts straight before you review someone's book.

**** I enjoyed it. I especially like the parts regarding British and US government co-involvement. Never heard that one before.

The Lincolnshire Crop Circles
Magic or Man?
By Richard S. Humphrey

Paperback 344 pages
( 14 June 2001 )

Photos: 14
Illustrations: 1

Author Info:
Richard S. Humphrey has lived in Lincolnshire his entire life. He is devoted to finding the truth about crop circles and says he doesn't mind all the tourists coming to the area to see them.


**** It was great to read such a complete story on the unexplained crop circles after the Lincoln hoax. I'm not sure we'll ever have the whole story, but this certainly comes close.

** I still think these particular instances were a hoax. I am a believer in crop circles and their origins on other planets. The circles in Lincoln – not buying it. Humphrey gives us a good read though nevertheless.

To download an excerpt, click here.


The Deep Dark Mystery
Loch Ness
By Eamon Gilmartin

Paperback 188 pages
( 2 June 1999 )

Photos: 15

Author Info:
Eamon Gilmartin grew up in Wales the ninth of ten children. His imagination was constantly working over time…. He finally found his peace when a story so fantastic and seemingly real was presented to him – Loch Ness. It has become his life's research ever since.

**** Personally, I can't get enough of this subject and this book feeds me even more. Gilmartin is brilliant in his use of taking a story we've heard and unearthing new information to keep it fresh. Even if you haven't read anything on Nessy, this will bring you up to date.

* Yawnsville. There's some new material but I'm not believing a word.

*** This one is pretty good. I must say I managed to learn a lot more about it than I knew. Sure, some is redundant – like including “the photo” – but that's just to be expected.

**** It's about time someone gave these writers an outlet. It's disturbing how good a job our big brother government has done to keep books like this out of print because they fear the truth.

Contemporary Bigfoot Sightings in Northeast Ohio
By Rob Perry

Paperback 234 pages
( 1 August 2002 )

Photos: 12
Illustrations: 2

Author Info:
Rob Perry is a full-time furniture craftsman living in Stark County Ohio, USA . As a small child, he had an experience with Bigfoot that he would never forget. Years of research and a life devoted to finding answers about what he saw have produced this excellent tome.


**** How anyone can read this book and deny the presence of Bigfoot is beyond me. It's a quick read but packed with full eyewitness interviews. There are even plenty of pictures giving me plenty of evidence. Highly recommended.

**** Now I'm a believer.

**** Yes, Bigfoot exists. A friend of mine had this novella on his shelf and I picked it up while house sitting their dog. After a quick two hours, I'm convinced Bigfoot walks the Appalachian woods. The footprints photos are a must see.


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