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Founded in 1993, Casson Publishing Ltd. has enjoyed more than 10 years of success publishing what are considered to be some of the more interesting titles offered today.

Our proprietor, James Casson, is passionately committed to publishing works of the unknown and bizarre. Our goal is to provide a platform for stories that might never have had a chance to be told.

Men of Metal Eyewitness Accounts of Humanoid Robots
By Rowland Samuel

*New information has recently come to light regarding the sightings in Oxford. Due to these
developments, the publishing of Men of Metal has been delayed.

Paperback 145 pages (5 December, 2003)
Photos: 14
Illustrations: 1
Author Info:
Rowland Samuel’s first book is his documentation of his search for the answer to a series of bizarre occurrences in London involving automobiles and a supposed humanoid robot. A reporter by trade, Samuel’s writing is insightful and full of heavy substantiation.

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